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On Hold Company was founded in 1994 and has become a leading provider of on hold messages, specializing in turn-key on hold marketing strategies. With more than 14,000 satisfied clients, On Hold Company is blah, blah, blah...

Looks like you've found the "About Us" portion of our site where we're supposed to say something great about On Hold Company. You know, how we're "way better" than all the other on-hold message providers. Or perhaps something about how On Hold Company's "market leading" ad strategies and "mind bending" creative skills will funnel unbelievable wealth to your balance sheet. Well, that's not really our style. For us, producing good work with extraordinary service is what it takes to make it in the on hold marketing business and "YES", we're really good. But what genuinely sets On Hold Company apart is how we run our on hold message business.


The lifetime value of our service for clients is easy to see, because the majority of On Hold Company’s clients never leave. There's no doubt that the quality of our work plays a part in this, but the real glue is the type of relationships we form. The centerpiece of these relationships is trust. More than just "on hold marketing," our clients rely on On Hold Company to provide real audio marketing solutions that help their businesses. On Hold Company clients range from the mega brands to small mom and pops, so there's no need to worry if we can handle the pressure we know the drill.

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Thomas Verlaan
Florida Department of Health

"Everything went like clock-work – great, insane, customer service!!"

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For starters, our culture is our greatest asset. The "On Hold Company Culture" is all about focusing on the things in life that mean the most. It's about family, faith, good personal choices, doing the things you love to do and living life with passion. Our culture provides a way for people to excel and there's no place for arrogance, self-righteousness, selfishness and especially small thinkers at On Hold Company. What we have are people who love what they do and where they do it. They take pride when anyone at On Hold Company succeeds and feel responsible for every failure. So, why should this matter to you? Because we believe that when people take ownership in their company's success and focus 100% on what they love doing, it produces amazing work with amazing results.

Curious about the people and personalities at On Hold Company? That's great! We're more than happy to do a little bragging. While there's just too many of us to showcase everyone, here's a look at the folks driving the ship.

Alane Richardson

Director of Customer Service

“One Head Many Hats”, “Never Fear Alane is Here!”, “The Answer Lady”

The driving philosophy of Alane’s management style is simple: a manager’s success is measured by the success of the team she’s managing. Alane oversees On Hold Company’s staff of Customer Service Representatives that is as versatile as their leader.

“Customer Service” isn’t just Alane’s department: it’s her passion. Rarely a day goes by that she doesn’t dream up another way to bring On Hold Company service to the next level. That’s her favorite part of the job, in fact. She loves coming up with new ideas, systems, and procedures that prove convenient and valuable to On Hold Company clients.

Life at home for Alane is just as busy as her life at our headquarters. She’s got her hands full with husband Jackie, sons Travis, Dylan, and Tyler as well as kids of the canine type. An All-American Mom and then some, Alane is also the organist at her church, enjoys photography and decorating.

Jerri Owen

Production Manager

"The Opinitonator", "Get er' Done Lady","Production Traffic Controller", "What DOESN'T She Manage"

No one seems to know for sure where Jerri was before she came to On Hold Company, or what it was she did, but our crack investigative team has been able to dig up a few tidbits that give us some insight.

Jerri has made a meteoric rise at On Hold Company, rising from a part-time temporary customer service assistant to Production Manager in less than two years. Our research indicates she did this through extraordinary dedication and a passion for detail. Jerri has such an eye for detail that very few things get by her. Whether she's editing scripts or searching for the perfect piece of music for a client's message, Jerri is always looking for "the thing" that will make something good into something exceptional.

Our surveillance team reports that Jerri isn't really the "hobby" type, but still manages to live a busy life with husband Gary, son Gunnar, and "babies" Harley and Boudreaux. She's become quite the cake decorator, is involved in her church, and has been known to wear flip-flops all year round.

Kevin Richardson

Director of Operations & Finance

"Head Bean Counter and then some", "Kevin Of All Trades"

We picked up Kevin at a discount store in Olathe, Kansas. Blue Light special. As it turns out, we got a bargain! Kevin adds a dimension to On Hold Company that we couldn't do without. If you need a master thinker, Kevin's your man.

When asked "What do you do at the company?", Kevin responds: "Whatever I'm told to do. I've been married too long to think it works any other way". Kevin's responsibilities run from accounting to personnel issues, operations to programming, payroll to systems development.

As an expert in numbers, Kevin realizes all too clearly that he's outnumbered at home: by his wife, Beverly, and daughters Elaine and Leah. The family also enjoys the company of cats, and Kevin's spare time is spent reading and playing drums for his church's worship team.

Gary Neill


"Take the ball and run with it", "Touch-Down King", "Audio King Selling Machine"

You won't find a more out-going person than Gary Neill. He never meets a stranger, makes connections easily, and has a laugh that will make you want to laugh with him. Gary is a genuine 'people person', and his knack for developing relationships influences everything On Hold Company does. Gary's incredibly talented. In fact, we'd say he has a sixth sense: Creativity. Gary has always had the ability to take things to the next level, above and beyond usual expectations. If Gary's working on your marketing project, the outcome will be inspiring.

Most importantly, Gary enjoys working with On Hold Company customers. He relates well, takes ownership in their goals, and strives to meet their needs. That's nothing new, really. From 1993 to the present, Gary has consistently focused his time and attention on our clients. That's the secret of our success. Gary and his wife, Pam, enjoy spending time with their children, Garret and Allie, especially time spent on the lake.

Bryant Wilson


"Make it happen, Cap'n", "Captain Mac Daddy", "The Idea Master"

As CEO of On Hold Company, Bryant is a visionary leader. Unlike most, he can see what isn't there... yet and is relentless in finding ways to raise the bar. He's always on the move. Bryant is the most action-oriented person at On Hold Company. He believes in making things happen, not just day-dreaming.

Bryant is ridiculously passionate about what we do, ever in pursuit of a fail-proof system. He manages the day-to-day activities at On Hold Company, as well as oversees the maintenance of our internal systems and processes. Whether it's programming, problem solving or developing support platforms for our corporate clients, Bryant's goal is to turn customers into raving fans! He believes the secret to success is in the details.

This guy even relaxes intensely; whether it's sharing the excitement of a hockey game with his son Blake or water/snow skiing with wife Tanya and two daughters, Bailey and Brooke. He's also a talented musician involved in worship ministry at Calvary Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana.