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How does On Hold Messaging add value to YOUR business?

On Hold Company recently participated national survey that answers that question.

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Companies of all sizes that use on-hold messages said that those messages were a useful marketing tool for their businesses.

Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents said on-hold messages added real value to their operations.

That could explain why many companies include on-hold messaging in their long-term marketing plans. Almost half of those surveyed have used on-hold messaging for five years or longer.

Tina Brunel
Toshiba Business Systems

What a pleasure it has been working with everyone at On Hold Company! You are a "CAN DO" company. Kudos to the entire team - you are very much appreciated!


Say On Hold Messages add value to their business.


Say On Hold Messaging generated revenue.


Have used On Hold Messaging 5 years or longer.

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Building Image & Professionalism
Promoting Sale of Products or Services
Avoiding Silence On Hold
Providing Callers with Entertainment or Info
Preventing Caller Hang-Ups
Other Reasons

On hold customers are the best target market there is.

You already know they want information: they called YOU.  Use on hold time to focus on your brand, the services you offer, and share product information.

On hold marketing is a cost-effective way to achieve the greatest return on investment.