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Call Volume Calculator

Call Volume Calculator

Most businesses underestimate their daily call volume and its marketing potential which can add up to hundreds of hours of advertising time per year. Fill in the three blanks below to see “The Big Picture” for your organization.

Question 1:

How many individual locations do you have?

Question 2:

On average, how many calls per hour does each location receive?

Question 3:

The national average hold time is 45-60 seconds per call. What is your average hold time in seconds? (1 minute = 60 seconds)


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Here’s a marketing on hold example for a 30 location organization:

Each location receives on average 7 calls per hour. (Assuming a 9 hour work day). That’s 63 calls daily x 30 locations = 1,890 calls per day.

National statistics tell us that 7 of every 10 calls are placed on hold and the average hold time is 60 seconds. So, that’s 1,323 calls on hold.

That’s 22 hours of hold time every day!Click here to get started now.