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On Hold Music for Restaurants

Restaurants are often busy establishments with a lot of customers on the line. If patrons are calling in an order, they may be put on hold for a few minutes while restaurant employees take care of prior callers. However, this “on hold” experience does not need to be a dull affair! Our company specializes in making each customer’s experience a pleasant one with further information about the restaurant, a happy jingle and suggestions regarding the delicious food available for purchase.

Make the most of your customers being on hold by providing them with additional facts about the restaurant. Some people may be calling only to inquire about your hours of service or location. A voice-over while they are on hold can answer these questions; this provides callers with maximum convenience and cuts down on unnecessary communication between busy workers and hungry potential diners. Do not forget that you can include pleasant music in your track to play alongside the voice-over; this puts customers in a good mood before they are connected to a real restaurant employee.

Another benefit of obtaining on hold music for your restaurant is the opportunity for dish suggestions. After your voice-over discusses essential restaurant facts, include a few lines recommending your most tasty dishes to entice the caller. Whether you serve sizzling hot pizza pies or sweet and sour Chinese food, suggesting particular products through your on hold message will improve the popularity of the dishes in question.

There are several songs to choose from that can be set alongside your informative voice-over. These tunes are all about giving the caller good vibes with sounds akin to soft rock music. There are also songs similar to elevator music with a slightly more pleasant tone. Options are limitless as long as you have an idea of what genre you think potential customers might enjoy. We have the technology to seamlessly include it with your voice-over message at a reasonable cost. The song will not overcrowd the facts; instead, it will serve as a happy backdrop to a message informing customers of the restaurant basics.

Our on hold music service is available for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. No restaurant should be without a happy on hold message for callers; these people are hungry paying customers inquiring about your establishment. Make it an enjoyable experience by providing them with more than just the classic on hold beep.