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On Hold Samples

Sample On Hold Music & Messages

Your business is unique and your on hold music should be as well. Our creative team is ready to help you "shine".

Your company's image is more than your company logo.  Your "Audio Brand" is just as important, so we work with you to achieve the best balance.  We'll help you match the right voice with the right on-hold music in a way that creates an audio portrait of your company that's both informative and creative.

Customers don't want to be bombarded with generic advertising.  Our on-hold messaging is customized to your company's products.  We help you tell a compelling story that captivates customers and keeps them on the line.

Take a listen to some of our current success stories.









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How It Works

Our approach to on hold messages is simple. We've learned that if you combine a captive audience with skillfully crafted ads, the right audio image, and real marketing objectives you'll hit a home run every time!
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Ultimate Solution

In the real world, it takes more than a good on hold production to produce results. A solid return on investment depends on several key elements coming together perfectly.
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Our Technology

At On Hold Company, we’re audio marketing experts – from the message to the medium. It’s a waste of time to develop great audio advertising and then deliver the message via substandard on-hold audio equipment.
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Multi Locations

With over a decade of experience serving mega brands like Fedex, Firestone, and Capital One to name a few, has enabled us to develop custom on hold messages for businesses that answer unique corporate challenges and produce real solutions.
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