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Client Testimonials

We know on hold marketing works. We serve Mega Brands. We serve Mom and Pops. We create things. We solve problems. We think a lot of ourselves. But how does our on hold marketing work for our clients?

What a pleasure it has been working with everyone at On Hold Company! You are a “CAN DO” company. Kudos to the entire team – you are very much appreciated!

Tina Brunel,
Toshiba Business Systems

On Hold Company is very easy to work with. They provided accurate and concise information in my initial inquiry, were ready when I called wanting to place a request for service and delivered on my request for installation assistance. Their service was delivered in a professional yet very personal manner beginning with their 800 customer service team all the way to commitments from their CEO. On Hold Company is a model for professionalism I wish all our vendors were as easy to work with.

Bruce Rhodes,
FedEx Office

Awesome, awesome job (as usual). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys truly do top-shelf work. I am VERY impressed!

Don Hubbard,

You guys really do an awesome job. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve recommended to your company over the past few years.

Jones Lang,
LaSalle Americas, Inc.

The management of Browning Arms was specifically looking for an application that would allow us to not only play music, but to insert ads that would promote our products. They were open to suggestions and worked very hard to accommodate our needs. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a “music on hold” application give this company a serious evaluation. They have met our needs perfectly!

Carol Ralphs,
Browning Arms