Scent Marketing utilizes the neurological phenomenon known as Emotional Anchoring.

More and more retailers are discovering the benefits of scenting their stores.

In an environment where nearly all means of visual and auditory marketing have been exhausted, the use of scent creates an engaging customer experience.

Here are some of their stories:


The Orlando Hard Rock Cafe, one of 157 such specialty restaurants, added a waffle cone scent next to its ice cream parlor resulting in a 50 percent increase in sales.


Upscale retail chain Bloomingdales uses targeted scents in different departments to elicit different emotions: coconut in swimwear for a tropical paradise feel; lilac in lingerie for a sensual appeal; and baby powder in infant wear.


The popular shoe retailer Nike found that by adding scent in its stores increased intent to purchase by 80 percent.

The first 15 seconds of a consumer’s shopping experience largely determines how they feel about their overall shopping experience.

Through cutting-edge scent diffusion technology, we’re helping small mom and pop shops, upscale boutiques, major retail chains, furniture stores and other retailers keep shoppers in the store longer, encourage purchases and build a lasting connection that encourages return visits.

“With all of the other senses, you think before you respond, but with scent, your brain responds before you think.”


Choose from over 80 scents.

Custom options are also available...creating a scent as unique as your brand.

It’s not just enough to pay attention to how your target market sees your brand.
More and more businesses are tapping other senses - such as sound and smell - to create stronger brand connections with their customers.

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